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Metro Boston GLBTQS Alliance

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April 5th, 2005

nisha_sac @ 06:48 pm: ooc
mehCollapse )

April 2nd, 2005

ciskalena @ 09:46 pm: Nisha and Franciska - Park Playtime
OOC: follows this thread in Nisha's journal.

Park playtimeCollapse )

April 1st, 2005

run_chase_tag @ 07:47 pm: Shameless!Self!Promotion!
Hey, um. If anyone's bored and has no life or something, in about an hour I'll be playing at the World's End Cafe (I can't help it, it was opened by Gaimanites.) Or, alternatively, if you want something louder and more alcoholic friendly, there's Ray, downtown, tomorrow, with my band. So go. Or I'll cry, and then kick your ass.

blue__monday @ 04:26 pm: Alliance Meeting [for the 8th or the 15th, depending how fast we get things done]
Monday sits down, crosslegged on the table, as people finish filtering in. "Hi, guys," she smiles, gesturing to places a bit less obvious that people can take a seat.

"Today the topic of doom is...dun dun dun..." She pauses dramatically. Meg pokes her from nearby. "Genderfuck. And all that goes with it. Transgender, transvestite, drag queen -- what are they and how are they different? And if you guys want to address stuff like genderqueer, that too.

I guess we should probably start off with any questions. Does anyone have anything they just don't know? Anything they're confused about? Anything they want to rant about?" She pushes her hands forward as if to shoo the discussion into the group. "Go on, you guys."

March 29th, 2005

jonas_murphy @ 10:08 pm: Jonas and Paul - Monday night movies
ooc: Follows this thread in Paul's journal.

Movie NightCollapse )

March 28th, 2005

astaria51 @ 01:34 pm: Apologies
We'd like to apologize for the lack of meeting-posting on the board: it was Spring Break last week, and not only weren't we online for most of the week, we were busy for most of it (handfastings and reunions!).

It's not an excuse, but it is an explanation.

What would people prefer? We can post a new meeting ASAP (ie, tomorrow, or something) or we can wait until next Friday, which is what we were thinking. I suppose since we aren't playing in real time, it doesn't particularly matter.

(We can say there was a break for Good Friday, although I doubt that many of the members of Alliance are particularly Christian...?)

Anyway, up to you guys. Again, we're really sorry for the total lapse.

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March 14th, 2005

brooklyn_bomber @ 02:29 pm: OOCCollapse )

March 5th, 2005

lunamorgan @ 12:29 am: *ahem*
*inserts self into RPG because girlfriend's character doesn't want to lead again*

Meeting for March the 18thCollapse )

OOC: That was fucking weird. As I am...not a character. Like, whoa.

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lunamorgan @ 12:11 am: Yeah. I tried posting this three times. Fuck the subject.
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March 4th, 2005

camermaran @ 09:22 pm: OOC Info
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