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Gay Agenda HQ

Metro Boston GLBTQS Alliance
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Your lovely moderators are astaria51 and lunamorgan. We're the teachers on the playground. Or we like to think we are. Something like that. ...no, I usually have no idea what my metaphors mean.

Rules (They're more like guidelines):
- You and your character do, actually, need separate journals. If you don't have one, get one, and if they don't have one, get one for them. At least your char should friend the community.

- Post the info sheet on your char's info page AND on the community.

- Use the community for: introducing characters, and roleplay with other chars. Roleplay can be story format ("Jeffty Jeff walked down the street, sighing in a very emo way") or action format ("Jeff: *sighs emoly*"), whichever you prefer. Story format seems to work best in communities.

- Use the char journal for, well, character journaling! They should keep a journal just like you do, except: KEEP ALL ENTRIES PUBLIC. Entries that would otherwise be private or friended should be noted in the subject line by using [private] or [friends]. Filtered entries should list who can see them, ie: [Jeffty Jeff].

-Keep insane drama to a minimum.
(Acceptable Drama: My best friend is using drugs, I don't know what to do. This sucks a lot.

Unacceptable Drama: My exgirlfriend who I dated before realizing I was gay is now pregnant. My boyfriend wants her to have an abortion so we can cut the ties and move on. She's dating a mob boss who says he'll kill my boyfriend if he keeps meddling in their lives. Also, my puppy's sick...This sucks a lot.)

-Don't use chars to start/perpetuate/finish off RL drama. The End.

-We'd prefer if you let us list your personal journal on the site (forthcoming). It helps people stay in contact and get in touch about roleplay. If this squicks you for any reason, get in touch with us.

-Please do not use other people's characters without their permission. It's just polite to ask first.

Info Sheet:

Welcome to Alliance!
Help us out by filling in some personal info.



Sexuality (optional):

Are you "out" at home? To your friends?:

Emergency Contact (family, friend -- no questions asked):




Why are you here?:

Have you been in a GSA before:

Additional Info*:

*This is where you should feel free to fill in all that background information about your char that a pretend info sheet doesn't cover. Backstory's not always necessary, but it is nice.